106 F.p. Journe Grande et Petite Sonnerie

Estimate: € 210,000 –⁠ 410,000

Sold € 282,400

Exceptionally fine, rare and important, Limited edition, Grande et Petite Sonnerie striking, minute-repeating, stainless steel wristwatch with power reserve indication. retail price: 650.000€

Sonnerie Souveraine The crowning achievement of the illustrious “Souveraine” wristwatch collection, the F.P. Journe “Sonnerie” pays testimony to its creator’s inventive spirit. The goal was to achieve the perfect balance between user-friendliness and utmost complexity and to eliminate the risks associated with handling mistakes, a common problem for highly complex timepieces. There were many challenges: in a mechanical wristwatch space is limited, sound waves are obstructed. F.P. Journe chose steel, rather than gold or platinum, for the Sonnerie Souveraine case. The crystalline structure of steel conducts and transmits sound better, producing superior striking tones.
After many hours of adjustment and numerous prototypes later, all the problems were resolved. A total of 10 patents had been registered (for the barrel, power-reserve indication, winding/setting system, strike selection, striking racks, strike sequence, strike release, gongs, automatically blocking the strike to reserve 24 hours of mainspring energy to sustain timekeeping, blocking strike and winding stem). The result is one of today’s rarest and most exclusive wristwatches, which stands out amongst other complicated masterpieces. With an innovative mechanism comprising some 408 parts, the Sonnerie Souveraine is a wristwatch of great complexity. It has a balanced, uncluttered dial that is in harmony with the elegant case, which has been kept as thin as possible to enhance wearability The Sonnerie Souveraine received the prestigious “Golden Hand Award” at the 2006 “Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” and was voted “Watch of the Year 2006” in Japan. In the words of F.P. Journe: “To meet the demands, I had to construct a movement based on new mechanical principles. In this piece, 10 patents underwrite the ‘invenit’ of my watchmaking. ‘Fecit’ took me 5 year

Exceptionnellement rare et importante montre bracelet en acier,serie limitée , petite et grande sonnerie,repetition a minute avec reserve de marche.