11 Porsche 997 Gt3 Rs 3.8

Estimate: € 120,000 –⁠ 150,000

Lot Description

delivered in June 2010
450 hp
only 31 348 km

Presented at Frankfurt Motor show 2009, this is the second evolution of the Porsche 997 GT3 RS. The new 3.8 engine was implemented on the 997.2 GT3 but is improved and reaches 450 horsepower, that’s 15 hp more than the 3.8 GT3 and 35 hp more than the previous 997 GT3 RS phase 1. To optimize the behavior, the car is lightened to 1370 kg thanks to a plastic rear window, light door panels, single-mass flywheel, lithium-ion battery and specific rims with central nut.

Made especially for the track days it is equipped with a roll bar, the front axle is 26 mm wider and the rear is 44 mm wider compared to the 997 Carrera and a gigantic carbon spoiler with forged aluminum fixations to ensure an aerodynamic support. As a major innovation, the engine dynamic suspension is an electronic regulation that reduces the powertrain oscillations and vibrations.

The result is an even higher precision in curves and a stability increase during acceleration phases. In top of that, the new 3.8 flat 6 of 450 horsepower is still atmospheric and goes incredibly up to 8500 rpm, which procures amazing sound and feelings! A huge work has been done on this engine as well as the 6-manual gearbox that are actually closer to the competition technologies than road ones.

Few figures cannot explain how enjoyable is this GT3 RS to drive but at least it gives an idea about its efficiency: 4,0 seconds to reach 100 km/h; 12,5 to 200 km/h and 310 km/h top speed! But even with such features, Porsche engineers made the feat to develop a car easy to drive everyday with its engine as full at low rpm than at highs, and even the radio and air conditioning.

This Porsche 997 GT3 RS 3.8 delivered in June 2010 holds chassis number WPOZZZ99ZBS780189 and clocks 31 348 km. This exclusive model is one of the only 1600 units built between 2009 and 2011.