19 Porsche 993 Bi Turbo

Estimate: € 80,000 –⁠ 110,000

Lot Description

from 1996

The first Twin turbo system developed on a serial car and four-wheel drive, here is the recipe from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen designers to realize in 1995 the fastest serial Porsche 911 of all times with 290 km/h top speed! Presented at Geneva Motor Show it is renowned as the latest atmospheric Turbo 911, a genuine work of art for all brand’s passionate. With 408 horsepower and the gigantic torque of 540 Nm, the 993 Bi Turbo was a GT by its performances, but as well by its comfort and modernity. Inside, electrical and memory seats, two front airbags, Litronic headlights and the tweaked noise insulation ensure a safe and pleasant trip to the passengers. About the four-wheel drive system, it has been lightened since the 964 Turbo and is combined with a rear limited slip differential and a traction control for the best of performance efficiency and driving ease.

The 6-manual gearbox is specific and the all-aluminum flat-6 of 3600 cc received a Nikasil layer inside and reinforced crankshaft, rods and pistons for the robustness. To ensure the cooling, many fins have been added to the cylinder head, the exhaust system received a ceramic treatment and the fan is made of magnesium. Finally the brake system that is one of the Porsche specialties has been improved in accordance to the amazing 993 Bi Turbo capacities so it needs only 4,5 seconds to stop the car from 200 km/h! This successful model has been produced at 6323 units and combines incredible efficiency and performances with a surprising GT comfort and safety

The Porsche 993 Bi Turbo presented here has been delivered the 26th February 1996, clocks 116699 km and has always been maintained at specialists. It holds chassis number WPOZZZ99ZTS371176 and is equipped with a stainless steel exhaust. In addition it gets an alarm, sunroof and soft leather seats as factory options. The car will be delivered with all maintenance bills and an Agreed Value Expertise.