35 Porsche Carrera 3.2 Speedster Tlu 1989

Estimate: € 190,000 –⁠ 230,000

Lot Description

Complete restoration by Porsche Classic Vélizy
Winner of Porsche Classic Challenge 2017

This Porsche Carrera 3.2 Speedster TLU from 1989 gets serial number WPOZZZ91ZKS151669 and has been completely restored by the Porsche Classic Department in Vélizy (78) near Paris. The first Porsche Classic Department has been created in France in 2012, this team of specialists restores only 100% original Porsche, they respect the working standards and methods preconized by the brand and the replacement parts they use are 100% Porsche Approved. The Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge has been created in 2014 in order to demonstrate the Classic centers know-how and talents.

The car took part of the Porsche Classic restoration challenge 2016 – 2017, in front of 8 other Porsche centers in France, it had been running only 40 000 km before the competition. Finally this Speedster 3.2 Turbo Look won the competition by the quality of the work done, 605 hours were spent on the mechanics, bodywork and painting, and about 1000 parts replaced. The wonderful condition of the car has been described in FLAT6 magazine and RSmagazine and the project has been described and followed on Facebook by the Porsche Vélizy marketing team.

That means this Porsche Carrera 3.2 Speedster is in brand new condition exactly as in 1989 when it was delivered new because every single part has been evaluated and renovated by the Vélizy Classic Porsche Center and the car has been awarded as the best Porsche renovated in 2016 – 2017.