Exclusive Timepieces 7 –⁠ 8 December 2019 | Monaco

Auction Details

A wide selection of very fine vintage timepieces, property of various prominent collectors will be presented in this sale. Including a fine selection of Longines Chronograph coming from one of the most important collections worldwide.

149 Omega Absolutely Exceptional and Important Speedmaster Chronograph Wristwatch in Steel, Reference 105 003, With Tropical Dial, tachymetric Bezel, Bracelet and Certificate

Estimate: € 25,000 –⁠ 50,000

Lot Description

Model: Speedmaster
Material: Stainless Steel
Reference N°: ST 105.003
Year: 1967
Caliber: 321
Movement type: Manual
Movement N°: 25446127
Bracelet: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 40 mm
Signed: Dial, case and movement
Accessories: Extract and official Omega letter

The celebrated Omega Speedmaster is today one of the most renowned model ever produced. The first reference was the 2915 and was launched in 1957, remaining in production until 1959, after which was introduced the reference 2998. In 1963 this model was substituted by the reference ST 105.003.65 such as the present watch, last Speedmaster to feature straight lugs before switching to “lyra” style, twisted lugs. In production for only 3 years, this model is also known as the watch astronaut Ed White was wearing during the first American spacewalk during Gemini 4 mission in 1965 after passing NASA’s rigorous qualification tests. The very cool example in stainless steel here offered has been produced in 1967 and originally delivered to Venezuela. Nicely preserved for all its life, this watch still has its original stainless steel bracelet and bezel calibrated to 500 units. But this Speedmaster mainly hits the observer for its special and charismatic brown tropical dial. Depending on its conservation, it is possible for a dial to age in a special way than usual and turning to a brownish color. Among the collectors today defined tropical, this kind of dials are absolutely sought after for their rarity and ability to be unique pieces in their own way. The condition of the lot offered here are great for its homogeneous tobacco color, the ocher one of the indexes and hands. The caliber is the illustrious 321. Sold with the extract and official letter from Omega this watch will for sure fascinate man or women grown with the myth of the “race to the space”.

With Omega Extract of the Archives confirming the movement, case material, caliber, refrence, production in 1967 and the sale in Venezuela.