Exclusive Timepieces 22 –⁠ 23 October 2022 | Monaco

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One of the finest selections of vintage and contemporary watches we were able to put together. We tried to do our best to offer you extremely rare and well preserved collectable pieces of the best manufactures.

Session I: Saturday 22 October, 2:30 PM – lots 1 to 104
Session II: Sunday 23 October, 10:30 AM – lots 105 to 179
Session III: Sunday 23 October, 2:30 PM – lots 180 to 271

131 Patek Philippe Extremely Rare and Highly Collectible, Single Button Chronograph Wristwatch in Yellow Gold, Hinged Officer-Style Wire Lug, Two-Tone Sector Pulsometer Scale Dial, With Extract from the Archive

Estimate: € 250,000 –⁠ 500,000

Model: Chronograph
Case Material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet Material: Leather Strap
Year: 1928
Movement: Manual
Caliber: 13
Case N°: 292635
Movement N°: 198216
Dimensions: 34 mm
Signed: Dial, Case and Movement
Accessories: Extract from the Archives
Literature: Sold at Christie’s “IMPORTANT POCKETWATCHES AND WRISTWATCHES—Geneva Auctions 16 May 2005” as lot 321

Patek and chronograph are a pair that has been linked since the first years of life of the Swiss brand. Whether they were equipped with other complications or simple chrono, these timepieces have always fascinated connoisseurs and watches lovers. Among the most sought-after surely have to be mentioned the mono-pushers, highly complicated wristwatches capable of recording the time using only one button. The present single button officer-cased chronograph wristwatch by Patek Philippe is an extremely rare example of these earliest wristwatch chronographs, and one of only 16 single button chronographs known with a hinged “Officer” case. Manufactured in 1928 and sold in 1930, it is interesting to note the watch was sold during the Great Depression, to most probably an important client who could still afford the luxury of a Patek Philippe watch. Inside the gorgeous, double-hinged officer case ticks a supercool finished column wheel chronograph movement, caliber 13. Despite the importance of the watch itself, the chronograph will delight collectors for its beauty, rarity, and overall excellent condition. The ébauche for this unusual watch was commissioned by Patek Philippe and made by Victorin Piguet. The company Victorin Piguet of Le Sentier began making fine ébauches for complicated movements for prestigious firms like Patek Philippe during the 1920s. Though they never produced watches under their own name, they are associated with the highest quality craftsmanship and most unusual complications. The 34 mm diameter “Officer” case with hinged back and cuvette is reminiscent of pocket watches and has been preserved in remarkable conditions with its dramatic wire lugs. The timelessly styled sector or aviator dial with pulsometer scale and horizontally placed registers has a two-tone layout with raised gold hour markers. With only 27 examples known to the market Patek Philippe, the brand’s single-button chronographs are among the rarest and most sought-after in the field of complicated wristwatches. Patek Philippe’s production of single button chronographs ended in the late 1930s, not to be repeated until the 21st century.