151 Rolex Extremely Rare and Sought After, GMT Master, Automatic Wristwatch in Steel, With “Pink Writing” Dial, Reference 6542

Estimate: €60,000 –⁠ 120,000

Model: GMT Master
Reference: 6542
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel
Year: 1957
Movement: Automatic
Caliber: 1035
Case N°: 381507
Dimensions: 38 mm
Signed: Dial, Case and Movement

It is said that “necessity is the mother of inventions”. That’s why, with the increasing numbers of intercontinental planes travels, at the beginning of the ’50s the Airline company Pan Am directly went to Rolex asking for an efficient instrument which could allow the pilots to keep track of time in two locations. Already universally known for the efficiency of its tool watches, Rolex did not miss the opportunity to rewrite its name in the history of horology and in 1954 presented to the whole world its inimitable GMT Master, reference 6542. In the following years, many different evolution of this model was released but in the world of collecting that first model is the holy grail to be possessed with its iconic red and blue Bakelite bezel. Equipped initially with the caliber 1036 and later the 1065 and 1066, the display of the second time zone is possible thanks to the additional hand which completes a full revolution in 24h, indicating the time on the specific graduated bezel from 0 to 24. Its style was immediately a landmark of watchmaking design, so much that it soon became one of the most globally recognized and appreciated timepieces by any brands. The reference 6542 here offered is absolutely remarkable for the well-preserved stainless steel case which retains strong proportions and clear crisp lug bevels and for the cool, never restored Bakelite bezel with vivid colors. The example offered here could be defined as prototypes, as it comes with an original black color with the rarest GMT MASTER signature all in pink color, the rarest configuration for this model together with the other one with red depth, extremely appreciated nowadays by collectors. Only very few, to the best of our knowledge less than a handful, references 6542 watches carry this charismatic pink feature. At the time of its creation, this watch was intended for a very small circle of people, nowadays the situation has not changed: in 1954 for the Pan Am pilots, in 2022 for a few true connoisseurs but the lot here offered has even smaller circle of collectors considering its nice provenance and rarity.