Exclusive Timepieces 22 –⁠ 23 October 2022 | Monaco

Auction Details

One of the finest selections of vintage and contemporary watches we were able to put together. We tried to do our best to offer you extremely rare and well preserved collectable pieces of the best manufactures.

Session I: Saturday 22 October, 2:30 PM – lots 1 to 104
Session II: Sunday 23 October, 10:30 AM – lots 105 to 179
Session III: Sunday 23 October, 2:30 PM – lots 180 to 271

163 Vacheron Constantin Elegant Cuboid Cigarette Holder in Yellow Gold

Estimate: € 10,000 –⁠ 20,000

Model: Cigarette Holder
Case Material: Yellow Gold
Year: 1960s
Dimensions: 60 × 80 × 30 cm

The world’s oldest watch brand in continuous operation since its founding in 1755, Vacheron Constantin was the first watch company to manufacture movements with interchangeable parts beginning in 1839. The Geneva-based manufacturer is known for their highly complicated masterpieces but also for its incredible quality in craftsmanship and creativity in satisfying their customers’ requests. The lot here offered is a magnificent testimony of Vacheron ability in giving life to other exquisite object and not only watches. This very cigarette holder is absolutely rare since not many have appeared in the market and has been preserved in remarkable conditions, still offering its original linen decoration and luminosity of the gold.