256 Rolex Absolutely Magnificent and Precious, Daytona, Automatic Wristwatch in White Gold, With Baguette Diamond-set Bezel and Meteorite Dial, Reference 116 589

Estimate: €80,000 –⁠ 160,000

Sold €97,500

Model: Daytona
Reference: 116589
Case Material: White Gold
Bracelet Material: Leather Strap
Year: 2001
Movement: Automatic
Caliber: 4130
Case N°: K573919
Dimensions: 40 mm
Signed: Dial, Case and Movement

Rolex hardly ever embellished their chronograph models with precious stones (only 6269 and 6270 in very few quantities). Yet, with the introduction of the automatic Daytona, the manufacture gradually incorporated elaborate Daytona designs to their line of production, due to changing tastes in the market. Only a handful of this highly appealing Daytona is thought to have been made and very few have appeared in public and the here offered reference 116 589 is definitely one of the coolest in recent years. The 40 mm case in white gold is extremely well preserved and is equipped with a very precious baguette diamond-set, representation of the rigorous standards in quality Rolex is particularly skilled in. The present Rolex Daytona is one of the fascinating small series made with meteorite dials, finished with an acid wash to enhance the natural pattern of the meteorite known scientifically as the “Widmanstätten” pattern, the lustrous silvery effect perfectly complementing the white-gold case. Rolex obtained some of the famous Gibeon meteorite discovered in 1836 by Captain J. E. Alexander scattered along the banks of the Great Fish River in Namibia. The meteorite itself is millions of years old and believed to have fallen to earth in prehistoric times and spread over a wide area. Today, this historical deposit is protected by Namibian law. In their use of this rare and very exclusive meteorite deposit to make the dials for a series of Daytona watches Rolex again demonstrate their innovation and constant quest to produce rare and exclusive luxury timepieces.