Exclusive Timepieces 22 –⁠ 23 October 2022 | Monaco

Auction Details

One of the finest selections of vintage and contemporary watches we were able to put together. We tried to do our best to offer you extremely rare and well preserved collectable pieces of the best manufactures.

Session I: Saturday 22 October, 2:30 PM – lots 1 to 104
Session II: Sunday 23 October, 10:30 AM – lots 105 to 179
Session III: Sunday 23 October, 2:30 PM – lots 180 to 271

58 Patek Philippe Limited Edition, Very Precious and Incredibly Rare, One of Only 10, Set of Four Calatrava Wristwatches in White Gold, With Cloisonné Polychrome Enamel Dial Depicting Floréal Motifs, Reference 5075G, Certificates of Origin, Boxes, Attestat

Estimate: € 200,000 –⁠ 400,000

Model: Epidendrum Ibaguense, Anemone Blanda “Atrocaerulea”, Graptopetalum Bellum, Echinocereus Leucanthus
Reference: 5075G-012, 5075G-011, 5075G-001, 5075G-010
Case Material: White Gold
Bracelet Material: Leather Strap
Year: 2001
Movement: Automatic
Caliber: 240 AIG. 3
Case N°: 4102896, 4102903, 4102877, 4102897
Movement N°: 1909023, 1909035, 1909014, 1909030
Dimensions: 35.5 mm
Signed: Dial, Case and Movement
Accessories: Certificate of Origin, Attestation and Tag

Recognized across the world as one of watchmaking finest Maisons, Patek Philippe has long enjoyed a reputation built upon their incredible craftsmanship, industry-leading innovations, and timeless, iconic designs. Featuring all three of these tenets at once, the lot here offered is the epitome of Patek’s style. Launched in 2000 as a limited series of ten sets with four different ref. 5075s, each with a unique layout, the handcraft series is one of Patek Philippe’s best known and rarest executions of their incredible cloisonné enamel dials. Created using an incredibly intricate, tedious, and age-old technique, cloisonné enamel dials are crafted using gold wires that create a negative space that is filled with vitreous enamel powder consisting of silica sand and various metal oxides that add color. Once laid and dried, the enamel dial will be fired in a kiln at 800C, stabilizing the dial and fusing the enamel to the baseplate. Requiring up to 12 firings and an extremely high level of detail, care, and attention, these dials are inextricably challenging to produce and have exceptionally high failure rates due to cracking during the firing process, among other problems that occur and spoil dials. The four dials depicting the Epidendrum Ibaguense, the Anemone Blanda “Atrocaerulea”, the Graptopetalum Bellum and the Echinocereus Leucanthus flowers have a mixture of colors that vary from red to pink, from blue to green ensuring uniqueness to each watch. With its genuinely breathtaking dial contrasted by the simplicity of its entirely polished 18K white-gold case, the Calatrava Flower Handcraft references 5075 draw attention to their dials as the centerpiece atop an extremely rare watch that embodies everything Patek has stood for across their storied past. Furthermore, each watch comes with its certificate of origin and tag plus the attestation that confirms that this is one of the only 10 sets ever produced with this layout.