Exclusive Timepieces 22 –⁠ 23 April 2023 | Monaco

Auction Details

The Monaco Legend Group team has put together an astonishing selection of rarities in the horological field. From the Unique Piece Rolex Yachtmaster, former property of the late President of Rolex Patrick Heiniger, to an outstanding example of the Patek Philippe 2523-1. Not to mention the great selection of rarities destined for Middle Eastern market, such as a Rolex Submariner and Daytona from the Sultanate of Oman and a steel Daytona with UAE emblem on the dial.
Many thanks to Auro Montanari, alias John Goldberger, Roberto Randazzo and George Pakkos for their significant help in supervising the catalogue and to Eric Tortella for his assistance in searching for some of our rarest Patek Philippe watches in his database and releasing his passport of authenticity for them.


Session I: Saturday 22 April, 2:30 PM – lots 1 to 100
Session II: Sunday 23 April, 10:30 AM – lots 101 to 164
Session III: Sunday 23 April, 2:30 PM – lots 165 to 261

238 Patek Philippe Extremely Rare, Exceptional and Very Well Preserved, Sweep Center Seconds Wristwatch in Pink Gold, Cloisonné Polychrome Enamel Dial Depicting the “Jungle”, With Extract from the Archives, Reference 2481

Estimate: € 450,000 –⁠ 900,000

Sold € 546,000

Model: Calatrava
Reference: 2481
Case Material: Pink Gold
Bracelet Material: Leather Strap
Year: 1950
Movement: Manual
Caliber: 27SC
Case N°: 660 758
Movement N°: 700260
Dimensions: 37 mm
Signed: Dial, Case and Movement
Accessories: Extract from the Archives, Service, Invoice, Paper Box and Additional Leather Strap

Skillful hands, passion, mastery and patience are the main characteristics when the goal is to create works of art of absolute value. It is precisely these attributes that characterized Stern Frères’ master enamelers in giving life to absolutely unique and special dials, as in the case of the Patek Philippe specimen here offered. The cloisonné enamel technique is a very important aspect of horology. Fine copper or gold wires are placed on a metal base to define the subject of the enamel. The sections created with the wire are then filled with enamel. The enamel is then colored by powdered metal oxidize and fired, which then solidifies the enamel paste, resulting in a beautiful work of art. According to scholars, this watch is one of a handful “Forêt Vierge” cloisonné dial 2481s to exist including two examples presently on display at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. The dial was made by dial-maker Stern Freres by one of their most celebrated artists, Marguerite Koch. The production of such dials was extremely costly as they had to be individually made by Stern Freres. Koch created the outline of the desired motif by arranging thin gold wires on a dial, making no two dials identical to each other for small and tiny details. The “Jungle” or ’Tropical Landscape’, such as the present lot, depicts a tropical setting with palm trees and has applied gold Roman numerals and dot indexes. The present watch is in outstanding condition and the dial exhibits beautiful colors, from the green palm trees to the various fruits. It is equipped on the reference 2481 in pink gold finely preserved: also known as “King Size”, it was launched in 1950 at the same time the cloisonné dial emerges and indeed it was used for the majority of their cloisonné dialed watches. Measuring at 37 mm, it was the largest watch produced by Patek Philippe at that time and when found with such a rare and important dial, still today are among the most prestigious any collector wants to add to its collection.