Exclusive Timepieces 20 –⁠ 21 April 2024 | Monaco

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  • Session I – Saturday, 20 April, 2:30 PM – Lots 1 to 101
  • Session II – Sunday, 21 April, 10:30 AM – Lots 102 to 178
  • Session III – Sunday, 21 April, 2:30 PM – Lots 179 to 278

132 Vacheron Constantin Very Elegant, Art-Deco Open Face Octagonal Pocket Watch, in Yellow Gold, With Breguet Numerals and Enamel Decoration

Estimate: € 6,000 –⁠ 12,000

Sold € 15,600

Model: Pocket Watch
Case Material: Yellow Gold and Enamel
Year: 1920's
Movement: Manual
Case N°: 230064
Movement N°: 372032
Dimensions: 45 mm
Signed: Dial, Movement and Case

The allure and sophistication of a pocket watch transcend time itself. Explored and adorned with various complications, pocket watches have served as the canvas for the ingenious ideas of watchmakers throughout history. When lacking of complications, these timepieces were embellished with unusual shapes or decorations and the Art Nouveau example here offered is absolutely the embodiment of this concept. At first glance, what sets this timepiece apart is its distinctive octagonal shape, a departure from the classic circular design. Crafted entirely in yellow gold, the case is a work of art in itself. Every detail, from the band to the bow and winding crown are masterfully engraved, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship. The case back, with its channel-type decoration, features a smaller octagon bearing the initial, possibly belonging to the first owner. The most enchanting element lies in the greek-geometric decoration adorning both the front and back bezels. This intricate detailing, with its dynamic patterns, imparts a sense of movement and elegance to the entire watch. The silvered dial, a canvas for painted Breguet numerals and a subsidiary second at 6 o’clock, completes the masterpiece. While lacking in complications, this pocket watch transcends simplicity through its artistic embellishments. Each element, carefully crafted and thoughtfully adorned, transforms this time-only watch into a captivating work of art. A testament to the creativity of Vacheron Constantin and representative of the Art Nouveau, this timepiece exemplifies the timeless elegance that pocket watches bring, showcasing the enduring appeal of classical craftsmanship.