Exclusive Timepieces & Jewels 17 –⁠ 18 July 2019 | Monaco

Auction Details

A Selection of Pure Vintage/Contemporary Timepieces and Rare Jewels. Our first auction with Davide Parmegiani.

Session 1 starting at 3 p.m.
Session 2 starting at 6 p.m.

103 Ulysse Nardin A nice and good looking Ulysse Nardin chronograph in stainless steel with articulated lugs

Estimate: € 4,000 –⁠ 8,000

Sold € 5,200

Model: Chronograph
Material: stainless steel
Case N°: 602387
Caliber: 14' 1/4
Movement N°: 121148
Bracelet: leather strap
Dimensions: 38 mm

Ulysse Nardin is one of the most renowned watch manufacturers among collectors for its elegance and ability to create unique mechanisms. The present lot is an ensemble of little details that we can find in other Ulysse Nardin inside this catalogue. First of all, the unusual articulated structure which composed the lugs with a fixed part and another of trapezoidal shape with very sharp edges. The case shape with sloping edges included the olive shape pushers recall the appearance of the chronograph we have already met: the difference is set in the material used to realize the case since the watch here presented has been produced in stainless steel and in the crown since this one is a little bit bigger. The silvered dial presents a well preserved blu tachymeter scale while inside the constant seconds subsidiary dial is presenting a little mark. Conserved in almost good overall condition this chronograph is yet another demonstration of the craftsmanship of Ulisse Nardin and its ability to create efficient and complex wristwatches.