Exclusive Timepieces & Jewels 17 –⁠ 18 July 2019 | Monaco

Auction Details

A Selection of Pure Vintage/Contemporary Timepieces and Rare Jewels. Our first auction with Davide Parmegiani.

Session 1 starting at 3 p.m.
Session 2 starting at 6 p.m.

234 Audemars Piguet An elegant and glamorous Audemars Piguet Tank in rose gold retailed by Cartier

Estimate: € 5,000 –⁠ 10,000

Lot Description

Model: Tank
Material: rose gold
Case N°: 6608
Movement N°: 42852
Accessories: Engraved

The Cartier Tank was invented in 1917 on the basis of the Renault FT-17 tank. One of the first prototypes was given to the American general John Pershing in 1918 but this model only made its world debut in 1919 with just 6 pieces available. At the beginning of the ’20s his popularity raised considerably enough to push Cartier to increase production numbers. To fascinate the possible customers was also the oxymoron between a name synonymous with violence and aggressiveness as is the Tank and the delicacy and elegance of its lines. The lot offered here is not the classic Tank to which everybody is used to because this model is part of a special production of watches Audemars Piguet realized for Cartier around the ’70s. In that period Cartier subcontracted to Audemars Piguet the creation of a limited series of watches with the typical style and design of the Parisian brand. To demonstrate this, the pink-gold case of this watch present in the case back the Audemars Piguet engraving, making this watch absolutely special. Another main and very rare peculiarity of this watch is its movement, also signed Audemars Piguet, an unexpected and unusual but highly effective combination. The dial, with a very attractive patina capable of transforming the initial white color into an ocher yellow that echoes the rest of the case, is the only element that presents the Cartier signature. This watch is the perfect example that certainties do not exist and deserves to become part of a special collection.