23 Porsche 991 Gt3 Rs Martini 500 hp

Estimate: € 150,000 –⁠ 180,000

Lot Description

The Porsche 991 GT3 RS has been revealed at Geneva Motor Show Two years after the 991 GT3. As a RennSport model, the GT3 RS receives everything to be even more performing than the GT3, which is already lightened and track oriented. 25 more horsepower and 10 kilos less are the main figures distinguishing both 991 models, but the evolutions are quite deeper. At the first look appears the very studied aerodynamics with louvers above the front wheels, the same intake as the 991 Turbo in the rear fenders and the rear adjustable spoiler is in CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer). The hood and front wings are made of the same material, the rear windows are in polycarbonate whereas the lowered roof is in magnesium and the car receives a central rib. If the 4 steering will system is common with the GT3, the engine has nothing related.

The four-liter atmospheric Flat-6 produces the incredible amount of 500 horsepower, 460 Nm, reaches 100 km/h in only 3,4 seconds thanks to the 7-automatic PDK gearbox and it offers an thrilling sound until 8800 rpm. These impressive figures and the brilliant work from Zuffenhausen is highlighted by one lap time: 7”20 at the Nurbürgring, the record for an atmospheric Porsche is beaten to the Carrera GT by 9 seconds!

Contrary to what’s expected to an almost racing car, the onboard life is not uncomfortable thanks to the piloted suspension, the air conditioning and the touch screen. But of course the bucket seats, harness, roll bar, door opening by straps and Sport Chrono package reminds you what this car is made for, as well as the car interior covered with Alcantara, leather and carbon. The 991 GT3 RS is worthy of its RennSport name as modernity, aerodynamics and powertrain are fully oriented to performances.

This Porsche 991 GT3 RS gets Martini Racing decoration and clocks only 9117 km.