A Conversation with Davide Parmegiani by Giovanni Bonnano

22 February 2024

Monaco Legend Group is thrilled to share the news of a recent exclusive interview with its Co-Chairman, Davide Parmegiani.  The in-depth interview was hosted by Giovanni Bonnano, owner of Bonnano Luxury Jewellers, a renowned dealer of fine watches based in the heart of Rome and written up by famous Italian watch journalist Paolo Gobbi.

Giovanni Bonnano, with his outstanding reputation in the world of watches, is the perfect host for this engaging conversation. Davide Parmegiani is celebrated worldwide not just for his unparalleled expertise in vintage watches but for his passionate journey from an enthusiast to a celebrated guru in the watch collecting world. This exclusive interview delves into the many layers of his passion for extraordinary timepieces, his insightful journey in the industry, and the personal joy he finds in working alongside his kids, Andrea and Carlotta.

Monaco Legend Group invites you to not miss this rare opportunity to gain personal insights from one of the most important figures in the world of horology. 

Watch the interview and explore Davide Parmegiani's horological journey on