Middle Eastern Delivery

27 March 2023

Monaco Legend Group is delighted to announce a number of very interesting and rare watches that were delivered to the Middle East. Predominantly Rolex watches, these Arabian Delights are all included in our upcoming Spring Exclusive Timepieces auction on the 22nd and 23rd April 2023 in Monaco.

Watches that originate from the Middle East have always been a fascinating topic for watch collectors, primarily due to the fact that many rulers and companies in the region chose to gift watches to important visitors, workers and as recognition of an achievement. One of the most important brands in this area of collecting is Rolex and the most sought-after of these special delivery Rolex watches are those that were ordered by Sultan Qaboos Bin Sa’id, the Sultan of Oman. He was both a significant collector and also generous gifter of watches, especially Rolex

Lot 223
Lot 223 — Extremely Important, Remarkable and Probably Unpolished, Submariner, Automatic Wristwatch in Yellow Gold, With Rare Green Khanjar Logo, Reference 1680 – Estimate: € 250,000 – 500,000 View lot detail
Lot 199
Lot 199 — Very Rare and Well Preserved, Day-Date, Automatic Wristwatch in Yellow Gold, With Khanjar Logo Dial, Reference 18038 – Estimate: €15,000 – 30,000 View lot detail

Many of the important Rolex watches that the Sultan took delivery of, were ordered through revered British jeweller, Asprey. Watches including Submariners, Seadwellers and Daytonas were often given in recognition of military support to those who have supported the Sultanate. It wasn’t just Rolex, Patek Philippe watches were also gifted by the Sultan.

Lot 160
Lot 160 — Exceptional and Iconic, Daytona Cosmograph, Wristwatch in Yellow Gold, Black Dial, Red Khanjar Logo, Retailed by Asprey for the Sultanate of Oman, With Asprey Letter, Reference 6265 – Estimate: € 500,000 – 1,000,000 View lot detail
Lot 261
Lot 261 — Fresh to the Market, Extremely Rare and Astonishing, Nautilus “Jumbo”, Automatic Wristwatch in White Gold, With White Khanjar Logo, Made for the Sultanate of Oman, Property of the John Goldberger Collection, Reference 3700 – Estimate: € 800,000 – 1,600,000 View lot detail

There were also a small number of Daytona made for Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of the UAE, in the 1970s. The dials feature the UAE emblem, the Quraysh Hawk, in the upper part of the dial where traditionally the main dial text would sit. Collectors call these watches the Desert Eagle Daytona and Monaco Legend Group is delighted to have a stunning example that was featured in the Pucci Papaleo book, Ultimate Rolex Daytona

Lot 55
Lot 55 — Exceptionally Rare, Precious and Sought After, Daytona Chronograph, Wristwatch in Steel, UAE Quraysh Hawk Dial, With Box and Papers, Published in Pucci Papaleo’s Book “Ultimate Rolex Daytona” – Estimate: € 250,000 – 500,000 View lot detail

Between 1970 and 2000, Syria was ruled by Hafez Al-Assad. He was a controversial figure, but was also an avid watch collector. A number of Rolex watches have surfaced over the years that feature his signature on the dial and the upcoming auction will feature a Seadweller that was Al-Assad’s personal property that he gifted to his chef on Ramadan in 1979.

Lot 257
Lot 257 — Very Rare and Sought After, Sea Dweller, Automatic Wristwatch in Steel, Black Dial, Made for Hafiz al-Asad, With Rolex Service, Reference 1665 – Estimate: € 70,000 – 140,000 View lot detail

Since the 1960s Rolex Datejusts have been used extensively as a presentation or gift watch. Probably due to the Datejust’s more modest price point originally, they were perfect for companies to gift to employees for long service awards or as recognition for outstanding achievement. This custom was very popular in the Middle East and as part of the Spring sale Monaco Legend Group is delighted to have, arguably, the biggest and most varied selection to ever appear in an auction.

Lot 74
Lot 74 — Very Well Preserved and Rare, Datejust, Automatic Wristwatch in Yellow Gold, Made for the Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, Reference 16018 – Estimate: € 7,000 – 14,000 View lot detail
Lot 219
Lot 219 — Extremely Rare and Very Important, Day-Date, Automatic Wristwatch, in Yellow Gold, Wood Dial, Green Khanjar Logo, Reference 18038, Published in Pucci Papaleo’s Book “DAY-DATE, The Presidential Rolex”, With Pucci Papaleo Letter – Estimate: € 50,000 – 100,000 View lot detail

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