MLG at the Time On Show Fair

19 December 2023

Monaco legend Group was a lead exhibitor at the new Time On Show Fair in Bologna. A new and exciting watch fair set in the culturally rich heart of Bologna.

Long before the advent of the internet and social media for the sale of watches, dealers’ and collectors’ primary source of buying and selling exceptional watches was auctions and watch fairs. Time On Show is a new and exciting example of the latter, based in Bologna as part of the 40th edition of Auto e Moto d'Epoca. Auto e Moto d'Epoca is one of Europe’s classic car shows aimed at passionate enthusiasts and so it was the perfect platform for the inaugural Time on Show watch fair.

Time On Show, aims to establish itself as a key event on the annual watch fair calendar, not only in the Italian market but also on a broader European and global scale. Spearheaded by Pier Luigi Santi, in collaboration with renowned figures Paolo Borgomanero and Auro Montanari, Time on Show is more than an exhibition, it’s an event where the elegance and sophistication of timepieces combine with the passion and knowledge of some of the world’s finest dealers and collectors.

Monaco Legend Group was one of the primary partners at the event.
Monaco Legend Group Chairman Davide Parmegiani with show organiser Pier Luigi Santi and John Goldberger.