Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Single Button Chronograph Wristwatch

13 March 2024

Monaco Legend Group is delighted to present the second significant lot and cover star for the April 20 & 21 Exclusive Timepieces Auction: an incredibly rare and historically important Patek Philippe Split-Seconds with an incredible history of outstanding watchmaking, friendship, and adventure.

We have good reasons to believe that during a trip to St Moritz, American retail magnate and founder of London-based department store Selfridges, Mr. H.G. Selfridge commissioned a special watch as a gift for Sir Henry Segrave, a record-setting British racer. Segrave, known for his speed feats, including a ground-breaking run at Daytona Beach where he was the first to drive over 200 mph, wore and enjoyed this watch until his untimely and tragic death on Lake Windermere in the UK. The watch, which had been with Segrave through many of his achievements, was returned to Selfridge by Segrave’s widow.

Sir Henry O’Neal de Hane Segrave

Following the watch’s return to Selfridge, it began a new legacy, the man formed a new friendship with Amelia Earhart and, after having met her in his department store, impressed by her daring character and accomplishments, decided she was the Patek Philippe’s next rightful custodian. In exchange, Earhart offered her own Longines aviator’s watch, a piece that had accompanied her on many of her adventures. (Today it is the watch that sits in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.) This Patek Philippe instead, tied to extraordinary lives, continues to tell its story of adventure and legacy.

Tortella & Sons Deep Study Documentation
Amelia Earhart

Now, emerging from the shadows of history, this extraordinary Patek Philippe chronograph is unveiled to the world once more by Monaco Legend Group, after spending over 50 years within a family of US collectors. This is one of the most important Patek Philippe wristwatches to come to the market in recent memory and its incredible quality, provenance and rich history make it a unique opportunity for collectors of exceptional timepieces. 

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