Hodinkee's coverage of the Spring 2023 Auction

10 May 2023

We were delighted to have Mark Kauzlarich from Hodinkee with us for the auction. Hodinkee’s coverage of the sale was extensive, with more still to come!

Links to the Hodinkee’s articles at the end of this news. Texts and photos credit: Hodinkee.


Patek Philippe, Reference 2481. Photo credit Hodinkee

“When Davide Parmegiani buys a watch, he looks for two things: quality and patina. He told me as much as we sat in the lounge of the Monaco Legend Group offices this week. But a look at any of the 261 lots in their catalog for their spring auction this weekend should be proof enough. It's the kind of catalog you won't find anywhere else.”
– Mark Kauzlarich

Part 1

Patek Philippe, Khanjar Logo, Reference 3700. Photo credit Hodinkee

“From the first day of previews, the atmosphere was unlike any other auction room I've been in. While the auction was ostensibly the reason people had come to town from Italy, France, Geneva, Dubai, the United States, Japan, Serbia, and more, it seemed more like a reunion of friends just thrilled to have a reason to spend some time together.”
– Mark Kauzlarich

Part 2

The auction. Photo credit Hodinkee

"I did some "back of a napkin" math with a few friends over dinner in Monaco trying to gauge the value of all the watches on the wrists in the auction room at Le Meridien that weekend. Our best guess? Somewhere from $80 million to north of $100 million. But the best part? People were handing around watches worth only a few thousand dollars and going crazy about the quality, condition, and rarity. It's part of why I love the vintage world."
– Mark Kauzlarich

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